Robert Wijaya

Managing Director

Robert Wijaya


Rob is the Founder and Director of Exo Digital. Combining his passion for technology and design, Rob is all about helping companies, brands and people create meaningful experiences. He has a background in multimedia design and a strong interest in programming, which led him to build his first IRC chatbot at the age of 11. Throughout his career, Rob has had the privilege of designing and developing websites, apps, and games for big global brands such as Disney, Nike, Adidas and Nintendo.


What drives Rob each day is the opportunity to work with a team that creates a better tomorrow. He believes that people, vision and commitment are the key elements to success. If you want to go far, you must go together.

Proudest Moment

Rob's proudest moment in his professional life is when he sees the impact he has had on people and the world through his work. He believes ideas alone do not bring brands to life, action is what matters most.


When he's not designing, building or working, Rob enjoys travelling with his family, photography, interior and architecture, games and tinkering with tech.

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