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Digital transformation for Legal company

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This legal firm is based in Sydney and is a successful firm that advises a diverse range of clients.

This legal firm implemented a document management system and print management solution that did not support the business's day-to-day operation.

Exo Digital was engaged to investigate the current state and provide recommendations on what is required to provide a better user experience across the business.

Digital transformation for Legal company


The existing document management system and print management solution did not effectively support the day-to-day operations of the legal firm. This created inefficiencies and hindered the user experience across the business.

Our Proposal

  • User Interviews

  • User Research

  • Product & Business Strategy

  • Landscape Review

  • Technical Audit & Recommendation

To provide a better user experience, Exo Digital recommended conducting interviews to understand the current workflow, identify common pain points through research and from there, map gaps and opportunities for improvement. This provided an effective approach and transition plan. Our goal was to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness while delivering a more user-friendly experience for the firm.

Our proposal encompassed a four step process:

  1. Understand the current workflow
  2. Identify common pain points
  3. Map gaps and opportunities
  4. Provide an effective approach and transition

The Solution


Understand the current workflow

We completed interviews to enrich a contextual inquiry study with descriptions of tools, processes, bottlenecks, pain points and how people perceive them.


Identify common pain points

Exo collated research to personify certain trends and characteristics in the data to help picture and represent each staff group.


Map gaps and opportunities

We identified key improvement areas involving document management, training and processes, internal communication and printing/scanning on completing user research.


Provide an effective approach and transition

We provided the next steps and best approaches to rectify document management organisation within the law firm.



User Interviews

Our approach consisted of interviews with each stakeholder to understand how they were using the current technology and their problems.

At the same time, we investigated other legal firms and what the legal industry was experiencing concerning digitisation.

  • User Interviews


We collated research and personified certain trends and patterns in the data as personas.

  • Personas

Pain Points

Exo Digital went to the market to investigate additional digital solutions to assist with the main problem areas based on the identified pain points.

  • Pain Points


The new system will also require new processes. This change will need to be managed through strong communication and ongoing training and support.

  • Implementation