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Shaping Bupa's Digital Narrative through Targeted Content

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Exo Digital was engaged by Bupa to provide content services for their website. The scope of the project involved creating engaging and informative content for various sections of the website.

Exo Digital provided support in various areas, including the creation of SEO landing pages to increase conversion and uplifting existing product offering pages to improve user experience. We also developed an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) hub to showcase Bupa's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Shaping Bupa's Digital Narrative through Targeted Content


Bupa was in need of additional resources for their content team to undertake a range of tasks including optimising SEO pages and enhancing the user experience for targeted webpages. To meet specified timeframes, Bupa requested support from Exo Digital.

Our Proposal

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Keyword Analysis

  • UX Writing

  • Content Writing

  • SEO

In response to Bupa’s need for additional content resources, Exo Digital recommended a solution involving seamless collaboration with their content team. We suggested assigning dedicated content specialists to work closely with their team, delivering high-quality content to help achieve their objectives.

Leveraging our expertise in content creation, SEO optimisation and user experience design, we proposed a solution to support the development of landing pages, establish an ESG hub and enhance the user experience of their tiered health cover options.

The Solution



Integrated content specialists within Bupa’s content team by assigning dedicated resources to work closely and understand the scope of their needs.



Revamp the way people discover Bupa’s website by boosting its visibility in search results. Exo Digital also improved the user experience and clarity of Bupa’s health cover product tier pages.



Designed an engaging ESG hub to highlight Bupa’s efforts to the communities and stakeholders they work with. Additionally, we designed treatment pages to encourage people to inquire about Bupa’s coverage options



Efficiently executed the proposed solution within the agreed timeframe and budget, ensuring successful implementation and achieving the desired outcomes for Bupa.



Competitor Analysis

While building out Bupa's ESG hub, Exo Digital performed a comprehensive competitor analysis to identify key insights and best practices in the industry. This enabled Bupa to create a ESG hub that aligned with industry standards and stood out from the competition.

  • Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Through in-depth keyword research and analysis, our content specialists worked with the Bupa content team to craft optimised content that effectively conveyed the benefits and features of Bupa's gold tier treatment cover.

Content Creation

Content Creation

UX Writing

The content design work for Bupa included user experience writing, focusing on improving the clarity, accessibility and overall user-friendliness of their website's content. We particularly highlighted the product offering tiers for Bupa’s hospital cover options. Exo Digital implemented intuitive and engaging writing techniques, effectively communicating Bupa's offerings.

Content Writing

We delivered compelling and informative content that showcased Bupa's commitment to environmental, social and governance initiatives. Through research and industry analysis, our content specialists crafted engaging narratives, incorporated relevant data and case studies.

  • Content Writing

SEO Content

Exo Digital wrote SEO landing pages for the treatments included in Bupa’s gold tier cover option. The goal of these pages was to focus on enhancing the online visibility and drive targeted traffic to the specific coverage option.

  • SEO Content