Priyanka Suresh Iyer

Senior Experience Designer

Priyanka Suresh Iyer


Priyanka is a Senior Experience Designer at Exo Digital with a background in architecture and user experience design. She has experience in a variety of digital product design, including SaaS products, design systems and websites. Priyanka is determined, curious and has strong organisational skills.


Priyanka is motivated by seeking out opportunities to improve her skills and become a better designer.

Proudest Moment

Priyanka feels accomplished when she learns something new or incorporates better ways of working into her designs. Priyanka's proudest moment was when she built a design system for her previous workplace. Despite the business unit having little to no design maturity, Priyanka was able to get buy-in from senior management and deliver a comprehensive library of guidelines, rules and components that could be used across all products.


In her free time, Priyanka enjoys creative pursuits such as reimagining spaces, painting and reading.

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