Josh Doxey

Finance Manager

Josh Doxey


Josh is the Finance Manager at Exo Digital. Josh brings over 13 years of finance industry experience to the table. With a Bachelor degree in Finance and a diverse background in financial roles, Josh is well-versed in financial management, strategic planning, budgeting and risk management.


Josh’s ultimate motivation is his family. They are the driving force behind his dedication and commitment to finding the best solutions for Exo Digital and its clients. Knowing that his hard work directly impacts his family’s well-being and happiness inspires him.

Proudest Moment

A proud moment for Josh was helping aspiring entrepreneurs launch their own businesses and witness their visions come to life. Guiding and supporting start-ups to success was a career highlight for Josh as it showcased his expertise and ability to make a positive impact.


When he's not crunching numbers, Josh loves spending quality time with his family. He also enjoys indulging in gaming adventures and hitting the gym to stay fit and healthy.

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