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Rethinking online experience for gamers

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Streamgear wants to support, celebrate and nurture gamers, elevating their unique culture into the mainstream.

Streamgear was looking to disrupt the extremely competitive market of cheap tech from IT retailers.

Exo Digital worked across brand strategy, e-commerce and a gamified rewards experience to electrify and engage the gaming community.

Rethinking online experience for gamers


The gaming hardware market is highly competitive and saturated with numerous brands vying for the attention of gamers. Streamgear wanted to stand out and create a distinct identity in this crowded space. The challenge was in the design and implementation of a cohesive brand strategy that effectively captured the essence of Streamgear and delivered an electrifying experience for their target audience.

Our Proposal

  • Brand Strategy Workshop

  • Design Workshop

  • Innovation Sprint

  • Product & Business Strategy

  • Landscape Review

  • Usability Testing

  • Brand & Logo Design

  • Design System

  • eCommerce Shopify Development

  • Headless & Serverless Solution

  • Front-end & Back-end Development

  • Cloud, DevOps & Security

  • QA & Testing

Exo Digital recommended establishing a unique brand identity and developing a cohesive brand design system that sets Streamgear apart from competitors visually. We designed a vision for the online store to incorporate gaming as a central theme, providing users with a captivating experience.

Our process was outlined in three steps:

  1. Cohesive brand design system
  2. Defining an electrifying experience
  3. Gamifying the subscription

The Solution


Cohesive brand design system

Using the output from our Brand Strategy Workshop, we worked closely with the Streamgear team to shake up the gaming hardware and peripheral market.


Defining an electrifying experience

Streamgear's founders wanted to create an online store that reflected their identity, building a unique shopping experience with gaming as the central theme.


Gamifying the subscription

We created a hook mechanism that gamifies the subscription model so that Streamgear users were "levelling" up through their purchasing.



Brand Strategy Workshop

We completed a brand workshop with Streamgear to determine their brand values, personality, target market and visual direction.

  • Brand Strategy Workshop

Competitive Landscape Review

We identified and researched Streamgear's competitors so we could create a point of difference in the market.

  • Competitive Landscape Review
UI & UX Design

UI & UX Design

Electrifying Experience

We made each product the hero to spotlight the beauty and quality of gaming accessories. We provided a user-friendly experience to navigate via product or brand while incentivising users to return to Streamgear through our gamified rewards program.

  • Electrifying Experience
  • Electrifying Experience
  • Electrifying Experience
  • Electrifying Experience
  • Electrifying Experience
  • Electrifying Experience

Design System

With a UI kit and design system built specifically for Streamgear, we provided Figma components, text styles, motion guidelines and colour palette to allow designers to work faster and provide a way for Streamgear to iterate into the future.

  • Design System
  • Design System
  • Design System

Gamified Subscription

Streamgear’s design system reflects their elite, playful and innovative nature to celebrate and connect with the gamer’s culture.

  • Gamified Subscription
Web & App Development

Web & App Development

Solution Architecture

As Streamgear required a scalable solution, we designed our architecture around the AWS platform.

  • Solution Architecture

The Result


“Exo Digital has provided an amazing customer experience throughout the entire end-to-end process. The team knows what it takes to deliver a project with incredible insight, knowledge and expertise.”

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Will V.

Co-founder & CEO, Streamgear

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