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A new venture from Exo Digital innovation hub

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In the world of design, it isn’t always easy to find work that creates purpose. We wanted to initiate a start-up within our company that focused on a social issue and create an application that helped our local community.

Our initial product offering started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Exo Digital had recognised that local hospitality businesses were suffering from the recent downturn of the economy from COVID-19, the predatory nature of larger tech companies and the percentage they took for delivery of their products. Our goal was to create a mobile application to support local businesses by driving users through challenges that direct their attention to supporting the community.

A new venture from Exo Digital innovation hub


With so many businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a need for a purpose-driven startup to support local hospitality businesses. The negative consequences of the economic downturn and the exploitative practices of major tech companies that connect business with delivery drivers meant local businesses were struggling.

Our Proposal

  • Brand Sprint Workshop

  • Design Workshop

  • Landscape Review

  • Usability Testing

  • UI & UX Design

  • Brand & Logo Design

  • Design System

  • Solution Architecture

  • Front-end & Back-end Development

  • Cloud, DevOps & Security

The Exo Digital team proposed the design of Let's Go, an innovative mobile application aimed at tackling the challenges confronting local hospitality businesses and fostering community engagement. Let's Go would provide users with a user-friendly interface, empower businesses with comprehensive digital marketing solutions as well as cultivate an interactive community while prioritising sustainability and social impact.

The Solution


We’re on a mission to enrich the local experience

Let’s Go Community (LGC) offers an easy way to connect, engage and immerse in your day to day local activities in discovering new local gems. Let’s Go Community is a hyperlocal platform that puts the heart of local in your hands.


Transform connections with local customers

LGC offers local businesses, a fun and easy solution to keep your customers engaged with your business and get rewarded.


Establishing a community

Rewards are exclusive to small local businesses so that users can discover local through completing challenges. We've empowered users of Let's Go to get to know their local businesses on a personal level.



What success looks like

  • What success looks like

User Research

We had colleagues in the hospitality industry who explained the current state of delivery companies charging 30-35% to deliver.

We ran research to understand the pain points and needs of the businesses and test their assumptions.

Our initial idea was to empower hospitality businesses by promoting their brands instead of the brands of the large aggregators.

  • User Research

Back to research!

We had a lot of great research around the local community and what they were looking for.

Knowing that businesses were doing it tough in COVID, we wanted to encourage people to get out and support local businesses.

  • Back to research!
UI & UX Design

UI & UX Design

Focusing on the value

We pivoted our offering to focus on how to deliver value for businesses from day 1.

We landed on a reward system that incentivised users to get out and support local businesses.

  • Focusing on the value
  • Focusing on the value
Web & App Development

Web & App Development

An app for community

We designed our offering to focus on delivering value to local government, businesses and end-users.

Our mission was to connect people and businesses through a fun experience where our users could feel rewarded and businesses felt like they had gained a powerful tool.

  • An app for community
  • An app for community
  • An app for community
  • An app for community
  • An app for community
  • An app for community