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Changing the game in professional workspaces

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Eclat presents a contemporary approach to work. Where service meets style with uniquely curated, members-only spaces that seamlessly blend inspiring architecturally-designed amenities and bespoke private offices with iconic culture and first-class service. Evolving the workspace by infusing hospitality at a fundamental level.

Eclat sought to engage a partner to deliver their vision for a curated workspace experience. There are many ‘off the shelf’ solutions that can have driven member access, however, the Eclat management team has always sought to deliver a bespoke application to integrate concierge and hospitality seamlessly into the experience.

Eclat means “To be brilliant” and this is at the core of their offering. The promise of brilliance extends to each touchpoint for members, enforcing a seamless end to end experience from technology to in person interaction.

The quality of the technological deployment is a critical success factor to support the above and beyond expectations of Eclat members.

Exo Digital delivered a customised, customer centric application that is unique within the market. The Eclat application represents their ethos of hospitality and design.

Changing the game in professional workspaces


Exo Digital was tasked with developing a bespoke customer driven application to support the Eclat vision of a radically different approach to workspaces. Design is at the core of this development to showcase the unique offering Eclat has created.

The technology solution must be able to scale as Eclat has ambitions to expand to other locations, nationally and internationally.

Our Proposal

  • Discovery

  • Brand Strategy

  • Tone of Voice

  • Creative Direction

  • App Design

  • App Development

  • Motion Design

  • 3rd Party Integrations

Exo Digital recommended an approach that involved an initial 2 week Discovery that investigated the end-to-end customer journey. Personas were developed to understand each journey. Research and data were key drivers of the project to deliver a seamless experience that integrated multiple touch points.

In addition to the scope of the project itself, Exo Digital recommended Eclat be introduced to work using an Agile Delivery methodology. Using Agile delivery teams, we implemented a 7 sprint plan, establishing a regular cadence to deliver functionality throughout the product development cycle.

We established consistent ceremonies that drove the level of engagement that we had with their product teams on a daily and weekly basis. Our practice leads were always heavily involved in key decisions with leadership support included.

The Eclat team thrived working this way throughout the project. The Exo team blended with the Eclat team, delivering consistently and managing scope and back log effectively. We managed the integrations of all third-party technologies as well as the negotiations with those providers — ensuring the experience was seamless and pain-free for Eclat.

The Solution



From the initial research, Exo Digital designed prototypes for Eclat to investigate. We then iterated on the chosen design using customer feedback to deliver a polished concept for delivery.


Replicable solution with scalability

During the research and build phase, we were always aware that we would need to scale the solution as Eclat opened more offices in Australia and overseas. This is built into the solution.


End-to-end product experience with React Native Development

We have created a seamless user experience that is like no other workspace application. Eclat members have a unique booking system in their smart devices that gives them complete control over the Eclat environment, fusing a curated professional experience with hospitality and community at its heart.




  • 8 user interviews
  • 3 customer journeys and personas
  • Service blueprint for delivery of all Eclat functions
  • Qualitative and quantitative data to support business decisions
  • Technology selection
  • Partner selection and integration
  • Discovery
  • Design Workshops

Design Workshops

Designing and planning for success. The initial workshop focused on alignment of goals and objectives of the Eclat team. It captured information that was used to build the approach and informed the design of interviews to understand the choices that a person makes, defining traits and identifying needs.

UI & UX Design

UI & UX Design

Design System

Eclat’s design system reflects their elite, innovative and hospitality focused nature to connect with clients seeking a refined professional experience. With a UI kit and design system built specifically for Eclat, we provided Figma components, text styles, motion guidelines and colour palette to allow designers to work faster and provide a way for Eclat to iterate design into the future.

  • Design System
  • Design System
  • Design System

Bespoke Experience

The information gathered from client interviews was synthesised and the output used to develop guidelines for the design of prototypes.

  • Bespoke Experience
  • Bespoke Experience
  • Bespoke Experience
  • Bespoke Experience
  • Bespoke Experience
Web & App Development

Web & App Development

Custom-made Technology

To power the Eclat ecosystem, we introduced a registration portal to allow the closed door registration process and based the mobile solution on the existing Passport app. However, these technology solutions were extensively customised to suit the ethos of the Eclat brand. For users, the app is an Eclat product, rather than two technology solutions.

3rd Party Integrations

We managed the integrations of all third-party technologies as well as the negotiations with those providers — ensuring the experience was seamless and pain-free for Eclat. We consulted on the technology required to ensure the customer experience, delivering a bespoke workspace environment.

  • 3rd Party Integrations

The Result


“The Exo Digital team has been a joy to work with and we look forward to evolving our technologies and components over the next few years. Eclat is a culture, a lifestyle and a curated economy of brilliant people. Exo Digital has helped us to select, design and build a technology solution that exceeds our business objectives.”

Eclat Corporation testimonial

Nick M.

CEO, Eclat Corporation

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