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Improving the Customer Experience for Direct Debit Set-up

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For customers, part of the appeal of signing up for services with a multi-product retailer is the convenience of being able to manage multiple services in one place.

As a vendor of both Energy and Telecommunications (Telco) services, AGL aspires to deliver this convenience for its customers. However, with areas like payments, the customer experience fell short. direct debit set-up and management was identified as a particular customer pain point.

Exo Digital aimed to address this issue. Our approach involved mapping direct debit touch points, prioritising changes and collaboratively designing solutions with the scrum team. This led to a unified experience that improved UX for setting up and managing direct debits via AGL’s web app, followed by a similar uplift for their native app.

Improving the Customer Experience for Direct Debit Set-up


The existing setup involved disjointed payment gateways for AGL Energy and Telco services. This technical constraint meant payments for the two types of service were being handled by separate systems.

Users wanting to automate payments for their Energy and Telecommunications services are therefore required to set up a separate direct debit for each contract. The key challenge exposed by user feedback was that the current situation was causing confusion. Customers were setting up a single direct debit and thinking that the arrangement would apply to all their bills. This misunderstanding would result in missed payments and late fees for customers.

Our Proposal

  • Journey Mapping

  • Opportunity Prioritisation

  • Unified Direct Debit Management Page

  • Uplifted Account Setting and Wallet Pages

  • Agile Collaboration

  • Native App Direct Debit Uplift

Exo Digital offered a strategy focussed on enhancing direct debit management processes for AGL Energy and Telco services. We proposed reworking UX and UI presentation to make it easier to navigate for users. The key to understanding the customer journey was mapping direct debit touch-points within the lifecycle. This uncovers pain points for quick yet impactful improvements, elevating the user experience.

Given the limited timeframe, Exo Digital advised prioritising identified opportunities based on their potential impact. This approach ensured that valuable changes are implemented with minimal development effort and aligned with the goal of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Exo Digital recommended an iterative, collaborative co-design approach with stakeholders and the scrum team. By harmonising technical feasibility and user-centricity, this method ensured the creation of effective solutions that catered to both user needs and development constraints.

Additionally, Exo Digital recommended incorporating user testing with Maze and implementing robust analytics. These measures would provide insights from the MVP deployment and facilitate continuous enhancements.

The Solution


Customer Journey Map

Exo Digital created a comprehensive customer journey map that covered all direct debit touch-points across various platforms throughout the customer lifecycle. We identified several pain points and opportunities for quick wins to bring immediate improvements.


Opportunity Sizing

We collaborated with the wider team to evaluate the identified opportunities, estimate their impact on customers and prioritise them based on potential benefits. We then started shaping the features for implementation.


Iterative Solution Development

Exo Digital collaboratively designed solutions with the scrum team using an iterative approach. This ensured the solutions developed were technically feasible and UX-friendly.


User Testing and Analytics

The team then conducted user testing using Maze and defined analytics requirements. This allowed the team to learn from the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) implementation, gaining insights for further enhancements.



Agile Collaboration

Exo Digital collaborated closely with the web app scrum team, working within an agile development framework. Active participation in sprint planning influenced the roadmap and prioritisation of future improvements. This involved determining what features would be required for MVP release and those that would be backlogged for future development.

  • Agile Collaboration
  • Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

Exo Digital conducted an analysis of the customer journey, identifying key touchpoints where direct debit intersected with the user lifecycle. Pain points and areas for improvement were pinpointed, resulting in a comprehensive map of the existing user experience.

Opportunity Prioritisation

Exo Digital collaborated with the AGL team to assess identified pain points and opportunities. The team evaluated their potential impact on customer satisfaction, prioritising changes based on enhancing user experience.

  • Opportunity Prioritisation
UI & UX Design

UI & UX Design

Unified Direct Debit Management Page

Direct debit setup and management flows were redesigned with a unified interface for AGL Energy and Telco services. The user experience was streamlined, now bringing users to a single hub from which they could manage their various direct debit settings. This approach left no room for confusion, which previously led users to miss set-up for some of their accounts.

  • Unified Direct Debit Management Page
  • Uplifted Account Settings and Wallet Pages

Uplifted Account Settings and Wallet Pages

The My Account settings page was revamped to provide users contextual alerts to highlight any accounts not set up for direct debit. Content and UI changes were also made to the My Wallet page to alleviate common misunderstandings of the scope of the wallet and its relationship to direct debit.

Native App Direct Debit Uplift

Exo Digital also provided UX support to the development of custom technical solutions, improving the identified customer journey touch-points. We collaborated closely with native app UX team to ensure a consistent cross-platform approach. We also involved native app developers early to ensure the preferred approach was technically achievable.

  • Native App Direct Debit Uplift