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A bundle experience for all AGL products

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A simple and easy to use tool for customers who want to sign up for one or more AGL product offerings.

Our solution offers customers the ability to create their own bundle across energy, internet and mobile, in a unified shopping experience.

AGL’s bundle builder gives customers the flexibility to pick and choose services in a non-linear flow, emphasising the savings and benefits customers get from bundling.

Bundling helps AGL increase their revenue streams, as customers with bundles are less likely to move providers.

A bundle experience for all AGL products


AGL customers required a simplified and convenient way to access and sign up for multiple AGL product offerings. There was a need to effectively communicate the value proposition of bundling and emphasising the benefits to customers. Educating customers about the advantages of bundling was essential to overcome lack of awareness or understanding.

Our Proposal

  • User Research

  • Usability Testing

  • UI & UX Design

Exo Digital recommended a user-friendly bundle builder application that enabled customers to create personalised bundles across energy, internet and mobile services. The bundle builder would ensure compatibility with AGL's existing technology and restrictions. User research and usability testing was to guide the design of an intuitive bundle builder interface, incorporating clear product information and interactive elements for informed decision-making.

The Solution


Gathering user insights

Understanding the current knowledge that users had around what bundles are and what flow suited them the best.


Defining product navigation

Introducing the tiles as a way to navigate through products was crucial to the success of the product.


Make compatible with existing technology

The bundle builder was designed with AGL’s technology and restrictions in mind.



User Research

Moderated user research was conducted to understand users' knowledge around what bundles were and what kind of navigations suited them best.

Key Insights

"If I remove, it’s gone for good"

Participants were not sure how to change a product once they had chosen one.

"This says $50 a month – I can’t tell if it's the standard price or the discount price"

Copy needs to be more explicit or more prominent, including the original and discounted prices and how much the discount is.

  • User Research
UI & UX Design

UI & UX Design

Initial Design

The initial Bundle Builder performed badly in testing because it restricted the user to go through a linear flow.

  • Initial Design


Utilising tabs allows users to move from services, allowing them to view different pricing and tailoring the bundles to their needs.

  • Wireframes

Enhancing Tile Functionality

More information was incorporated into the tab design to give the users a better overview of their selections throughout their journey.

  • Enhancing Tile Functionality

New Proposed Flow

A new navigation was designed to allow the users to navigate through different freely without having to jump around too much like the initial design.

  • New Proposed Flow

Hi Fidelity

After further testing, elements that were deemed unnecessary were removed from the wireframes. The hi fidelity designs were then created with responsiveness in mind.

  • Hi Fidelity
  • Hi Fidelity
  • Hi Fidelity

The Result


“Exo Digital has been a pleasure to work with. The rich understanding of interaction design and prototyping they brought to the table was greatly advantageous for us.”

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Hugo J.

Experience Design Lead, AGL

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