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Use strategies, find direction and create an action plan to achieve your goals

Quit spending too much time on meetings, failed products and uncalculated risks. Change your workflow with our workshops, consultations and talent placement.

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Rapid Brainstorm Workshop

Align your team, find direction and make decisions... quick. Our Rapid Brainstorm Workshop is a 1-2 hour workshop that proves you don't need to waste your time and energy on pointless meetings. You'll have an aligned team, a clear direction and actionable tasks by the end.

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Innovation Sprint

Validate your big idea with real people in just 4 days. An Innovation Sprint is a 2 - 4 day workshop that is designed to help you and your company resolve internal challenges, find solutions and cut down on months of time and money spent on risky solutions that just end up failing.

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Talent & Resourcing

Fill in the missing gap. Whether you need an individual or a team, we'll find you the best talent with the specific skills you need, for the time frame you want.

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Design Thinking & HCD

Go deep and really understand your users. Design thinking is a creative problem-solving workshop that focuses on designing for your users. Good design comes from understanding your users and human behaviour.

Begin with a strong digital strategy, then create beautiful human-centered design