Meet Brett | Exo on the Couch

April 27, 2021
2 Minutes

Today on Exo on the Couch, we introduce to you... Brett Shirvani.

Brett obtained a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and Digital Design, but his passion for building websites and tinkering with his computer started at a young age.

Brett has built a strong portfolio of UX and UI design work, helping develop projects with companies such as Appster, BetEasy, and Flutter, before becoming a valuable member of the Exo Digital team!

Design systems, experience design, and implementation are all part of his 'Brett' and butter. Brett is now a primary designer in Exo Digital's upcoming community based application called Let's Go Community, or LGC.

We're thoroughly excited to have such a talented individual on board with an extensive history in user experience design. We look forward to seeing what Brett has in store for us.

Thank you for joining the team, and welcome to Exo, Brett!

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