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A faster way to help companies innovate products and processes

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What is an Innovation Sprint?

An Innovation Sprint is a structured process which is designed to help teams solve complex challenges and accelerate results in 4 days. It's based on the Google Design Sprint.

It's the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing, a feature is going to resonate with your audience or if your overall value proposition is valid. Don't invest months of time, invest in a week.

Traditional workflow

In traditional workflows, each phase depends on the deliverables of the previous stage. It becomes highly ineffective and costly, as teams often lose momentum, time and energy on guesswork with minimal success.

Innovation Sprint is a shortcut to learning without building and launching. Using an agile approach, it reduces the time and cost spent in your business by validating your ideas to end-users in just 4-days.

Innovation sprint

What's Innovation Sprint great for?

Product Development

Accelerate your product development and push projects to completion faster.

Business workflow

Improve your process by understanding your team's challenges.

Experience Design

Elevate your user's experience with real feedback before development.

Team Collaboration

Align your team and resolve any challenges within the team.

Idea Generation

New idea or feature? Test with users early to find a true product-market fit.


From improving sales to streamlining decision making, the sky's the limit.

The 4 day schedule

Your team is only required for the first two days if you are unable to commit to 4 days, our team can prototype and test for you.

Clients Required


  • Define the challenges
  • Rapid solution generation
Clients Required


  • Vote and prioritise solutions
  • Define prototype with storyboard
Clients Not Required


  • Build the prototype
  • Prepare and plan for user testing
Clients Not Required


  • User testing with real users
  • Create clear next steps from user testing

The Outcome

At the end of the sprint, you'll have a high-fidelity prototype that's been tested with your users, insights that confirm you are on the right track, and a clear view on what your next steps are. We are confident your team will be exhausted but confident with all the insights they now have.

What's Next?

First, you'll receive a detailed report with the insights and results from the sprint. It is recommended to do an Iteration Sprint the week after to polish the idea and refine details. Alternatively, you can do another sprint to focus on a different idea or start building it.

Tried and tested by top companies

Developed by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures (GV), Design Sprints are currently being used by some of the best tech companies in the world, including Apple, Airbnb, Netflix, and Uber. Streamline your process, so you can build with confidence.

Ready to take your product to the next level?


Rapid Brainstorm Workshop

The RBW is a 1-2 hour workshop, where your team will achieve alignment, find direction and have actionable tasks in whatever challenge you’re currently facing. It's the entrée to our Innovation Sprint.

  • Accelerate progress
  • Get stakeholder buy-in
  • Team alignment
  • Solve product challenges fast
  • Valued at $5000

Innovation Sprint

Our Innovation Sprint (Design Sprint) is a structured 4-day process that helps teams solve complex challenges and accelerate product development through team alignment, testing an interactive prototype with real users and using feedback to define the next steps.

  • Accelerate results
  • Rapid interactive prototype
  • Get user feedback early
  • Clear actionable next steps
  • Push projects live faster

Innovation Sprint Training

Want to learn how to run your own Innovation Sprint? Our expert facilitators can help train and guide you in becoming a better facilitator.

  • Run your own Innovation Sprint
  • Empowering staff with new ways of thinking & working
  • Accelerate progress

Still have questions?
We are here to help you.

I’m using Agile now, can I still use an Innovation Sprint?

Absolutely! An Innovation Sprint can be used with Agile Sprints and scrum teams. They help validate ideas or features with real users, giving you more confidence and validation to proceed with Agile development.

We can run our design sprint internally, why would we need external help?

An external facilitator acts as an unbiased, neutral figurehead in the sprint and will bring a fresh perspective and energy to help the team focus on the problem at hand. Using an external facilitator also reduces the risk of your team's time and energy going to waste. They are professionally trained to ensure that the sprint runs smoothly by resolving internal conflicts efficiently and most importantly, ensuring that the team will end up with usable feedback and tangible results within just 4 days.

4 days is too long. How can I get the team to commit?

Your team is only needed for the first 2 days of the sprint if you cannot commit to the full 4 days. We can take over day 3 and 4 for the prototyping and user testing phases. We recommend that if you decide to do an innovation sprint, key stakeholders should be present for the first 2 days.

Our process at work sucks, will this help me?

Most definitely! Other than improving a product or feature, it can also be used to find solutions to improve your company's work process, while boosting team collaboration and alignment.

I love it! How can I pitch it to my company?

If your company is still finding it hard to see the value of the sprint, they can do a 1-2 hour Rapid Brainstorm Workshop with us! This will help them see the importance of bringing the team together, realising what's working well and what's not, and give them insight into the possible solutions for a problem. Our friendly account director is always free to chat and has some great tips on how to pitch the innovation sprint to your boss and peers.

Our company isn’t creative, can we still participate?

Of course! You don't need to be creative or a designer to participate. That's why we changed the name from Design Sprint to Innovation Sprint to remove that assumption. It’s designed to kickstart creative problem solving within any team.

What happens if we don’t solve our problem?

It can happen... You may not be able to solve the problem with your idea, but you're guaranteed to have clear next steps and validation of what's not working well. From then on, you can choose to re-run the sprint and explore another idea or challenge.

What’s next & can we develop our concept further?

What's next depends on the results of your user testing. You'll receive a detailed report of the sprint, highlighting the key insights, results and recommendations for next steps. Generally, if the validations are positive, you can further develop your idea and refine the details with another sprint called an Iteration Sprint. Alternatively, you can explore another challenge or idea using a second Innovation Sprint.  Some teams can also choose to jump straight into production! But the important thing is to not brush the sprint aside and forget to create clear next steps.