Sun, 6 June 2021

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Headless Integration

Headless Integration refers to the spectrum between utilising an E-Commerce or CMS Platform, such as Shopify or Sitecore and building your entire platform from scratch.

“It’s not always black and white. There’s always different conscious decisions that someone makes to decide which part of the spectrum that they are on.” – Amin Mousavi, Technical Lead, Exo Digital

The ‘head’ of your headless integration is the front-end of your online platform, whether it is an e-commerce shop, or a digital service. This means that anything that is produced externally, and not fully integrated or embedded within your E-Commerce or CMS Platform, is referred to as ‘headless’.

When is headless beneficial to a business?

Suppose your digital platform requires features such as animations, and other shiny bells and whistles such as a specialised loyalty point system, or subscriptions; you may want to begin building your business in a headless way.

It is easier in most instances to start with a fully integrated product. The technical ecosystem that Shopify and other platforms provide will give you a headstart. However, it is necessary to consider the extra costs of paying for particular apps to achieve the integrations that you are looking for.

All in all, being ‘headless’ allows you to pick and choose the ‘technology basket’ that your company is attempting to integrate, and potentially give you a lot of freedom when adding specialised features.

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