Tue, 5 May 2020


Rapid Brainstorm Workshop

When it comes to anything that requires creative problem solving and decision making, we all know that feeling of falling into the ditch of never-ending, open-ended, unstructured discussions.

The team becomes fatigued, projects stall and products and services eventually fall behind schedule and you’re thinking to yourself, “Is there a better way?” Yes, there is and it’s called a Rapid Brainstorm Workshop. ‍

What is a Rapid Brainstorm Workshop? ‍

The essence of a Rapid Brainstorm Workshop is simple: to eliminate all open, unstructured discussions.

A Rapid Brainstorm Workshop consists of a series of activities that goes from problem to solution in the span of just 1-2 hours. Having a clear and structured process is surprisingly much more effective in unleashing creativity, making faster decisions and finding quick direction. ‍‍

Can you use it for any problem? ‍

Rapid Brainstorm Workshops can be used for anything that requires a group of people who need to discuss challenges, make decisions and solve problems.

(You can even use it at home to assign chores!) ‍

What's the process like? ‍

In the first 5 steps, you are using the Alone but Together method, which ensures everyone gets an equal say and that the workshop is literally rapid (aka for once finishes within the set time frame). For each exercise, you will each write your opinions in silence and vote in silence too.

Silence is the key to efficiency.

‍Here are the steps:

  1. The Positives: What’s working well?
  2. The Issues: What’s not working so well?
  3. Main Challenges: Choosing the main issues to tackle
  4. Ideas: Come up with ideas to solve the main challenges
  5. Main Ideas: Choosing the best ideas
  6. Action: Determining how to execute those ideas into actionable tasks

By the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of the main challenges, chosen the best ideas to solve those challenges and have a plan to determine how to execute those ideas.

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