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Building a SaaS Company with Detexian Co-Founder - Andy Budiman

Welcome back to Exo on the Couch. Today, we are talking to Andy Budiman from Detexian.

Andy has a background in design and has been a serial entrepreneur since the 2000s when he had his design and development agency in Perth.

After six years, Andy moved to Melbourne and worked in several scale-ups and large corporations, mainly establishing design and UX departments. This was when the term UX was coming into play in around 2005, so we simply called it design back then.

Andy has always been passionate about design and creating designing products. This is where he met his two co-founders, Tan and Adrian and started Detexian.


Image credit: Detexian

Andy has been fortunate with Detexian from the beginning, focusing on what their offering is in the marketplace. Detexian identified that the security side of the business is very cyber-centric; many people look at it as some kind of secretive sector.

Interestingly, this perception is that the market is so cyber-centric that businesses and business people do not understand it. How do enterprises value it? Without understanding cyber security from a business perspective, how can you care about it?

Learn about all the phases and challenges that Andy and Detexian faced to become a solid name within the SaaS and Cyber Security sector.

Recognising Gaps In The Market

When the team at Detexian realised that there was a gap in the market, they were designing a cyber security product geared towards business users. They interviewed early adopters and customers and looked at all the different tooling in the marketplace to understand what was missing.

Talking to cyber security experts, it became apparent that many people in the industry don’t understand the language, terminology and structure of security platforms because there is a lot of inconsistency in the marketplace and business people completely dismiss it.

From the onset, Detexian used their belief in human-centred design to understand what business people are looking for. As it turns out, they’re looking for simplicity.

Andy and his team were lucky enough to make simplicity part of their core foundations from day one regarding how they develop their products.


Image credit: Detexian

User Testing

Some of the customers at Detexian now were early design partners with whom they started the conversation two years ago. They’ve been on a journey with Detexian since day one.

They have been instrumental in helping Detexian provide solutions through an ongoing and iterative design process by recognising pain points, concerns and challenges within their businesses.

One thing about design thinking is it’s the ‘doing’ part that’s often missing.

There’s a joke that goes: ‘Design thinking can very easily become thinking about design’

Andy Budiman – Co-founder of Detexian

You see this a lot in corporate environments where there is a lot of analysis paralysis caused by going over the idea so many times, doing loads of research, having new agencies come in, doing the same research, and finding new angles.

There is a push to get products to market as soon as possible, so we do enough testing to get it to market, but not too much, because we can see the reality of it is when people start using it.

User testing is done in an artificial environment; therefore, the results can only be so accurate before you have to put it out to market and get real-world feedback.

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